The belinus line UK - A Portrait by Gary Biltcliffe. Gary Biltcliffe has dowsed the Belinus Line from the Isle of Wight up to Lairg in Scotland

The Belinus Line UK - Gary Biltcliffe has written several books on earth energies, and is also available for talks on various subjects

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The Power of Centre - Book Details
Price £17.95 plus p & p
ISBN: 978-0-9572382-1-3
Paperback 353 pages
160 col plates
39 plans and maps


Rediscovering Ancient Cosmology and the Celtic Goddess at the Omphalos Sites of the British Isles

Why did the Babylonians, Greeks and early Celts survey their kingdoms to locate the centre or ‘navel’? What was the importance of the axis mundi and its historical association with the cult of the goddess and the oracle? Did these centres have a secret hidden power used to increase the healing potential within the land and the well-being of its people? The authors of the highly acclaimed The Spine of Albion set out on an adventure to explore the old tribal centres of Celtic Britain and Ireland, and discovered important man-made and natural features such as mounds, stone monuments, sacred wells, hills, mountains and trees revered as places that connect the upper and lower worlds, linking heaven and earth.

  The Power of Centre reveals a wealth of new information about these sites, including pre-Christian earth and sky goddess worship, seasonal kingship ceremonies linked to the fertility of the land, major crossroads of ancient trackways aligned to the cardinal points, and hidden pathways of earth energy called the dragon force.

  This book is dedicated to those who love sacred landscapes, earth energies, lost knowledge, Celtic cosmology and psychic questing, and reveals new pilgrimage trails, alignments, leys and meridians. It will also help guide you with your spiritual growth and to reconnect with your own god and goddess within.

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