The belinus line UK - A Portrait by Gary Biltcliffe. Gary Biltcliffe has dowsed the Belinus Line from the Isle of Wight up to Lairg in Scotland

The Belinus Line UK - Gary Biltcliffe has written several books on earth energies, and is also available for talks on various subjects

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Gary Biltcliffe was born in 1960 and brought up in Lancashire. He has dedicated the last 30 years to historical research and investigation of earth mysteries, dowsing ancient sites, uncovering lost knowledge and early folklore. From an early age, his fascination with the esoteric was inspired by numerous real-life paranormal experiences. He has appeared on radio and television and has lectured widely in the UK and North America. Gary has also led International groups around Britainís sacred sites and written articles for journals and magazines. He moved to Dorset in 1993 and his research of the countyís ancient history culminated in his first publication The Spirit of Portland, Revelations of a Sacred Isle in 2009.

Caroline Hoare was born in 1958 and brought up on a farm in the heart of the Dart Valley in South Devon. She started her working life in a Fine Art auction house and later transferred to the world of publishing and book selling. Caroline moved from London to Dorset in 2003 and trained as a Geomancer, Feng Shui Consultant and Holistic Interior Designer. She has also spent the last nine years alongside Gary travelling to lost cities around the world, researching history and ancient civilisations and has a keen interest in the mythology and folklore of Britain.

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