The belinus line UK - A Portrait by Gary Biltcliffe. Gary Biltcliffe has dowsed the Belinus Line from the Isle of Wight up to Lairg in Scotland

The Belinus Line UK - Gary Biltcliffe has written several books on earth energies, and is also available for talks on various subjects

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The Spine of Albion is now revised and published in three eBook volumes. It includes new maps listed below that we have been working on over Lockdown. The new maps now include all 33 node-points to help better connect with the sites and be a great accompaniment to the paperback book that we are still selling. The eBooks will also be helpful if you travelling light and canít carry the heavy book. Also, sadly the cost of postage for the paperback to deliver outside of the UK including the US is now more expensive than the book. Therefore, the three volumes will now be more accessible and cheaper with instant download. The new maps also feature footpaths and walks around the node or meeting places of Elen and Belinus. Starting from the Isle of Wight the new maps are: -

1. New IOW map with Nunwell House - Brading Down Ė the node-point - Brading Villa and church

2. New Titchfield Abbey node map including Titchfield Church walk and Shakespeare sites

3. New Highclere Castle showing currents through the grounds and Beacon Hill node

4. Updated Stratford-upon-Avon map

5. New Wooton Wawen church node plan

6. New map of currents through the Wooton Wawen area

7. New map of currents though old Birmingham

8. New plan of St Philips Cathedral with currents

9. Updated Birmingham City map

10. New Barr Beacon node map with walk to fault lines

11. New map of currents through Castle Ring hillfort

12. New Cannock Chase map of currents including the Etching Hill node

13. New map of the Gawtonís Well area for pilgrims to visit the sacred sites in the area

14. Updated and enlarged Cloud Hill map with node and footpaths to Bridestones

15. Updated Manchester City Centre map

16. New Radcliffe Node map with surrounding attractions

17. New Clitheroe town map with node and other sacred sites

18. New Scotland Belinus Line map

19. New Pictish royal sites map of Scotland with alignments

20. New town plan of Peebles showing paths of currents and node

21. New map of currents through Scone Palace and node-point on the Moot Hill

22. New map of Dunkeld and King Seat Nodes for pilgrims

23. New Clave Cairns and Milton of Clava node map for pilgrims

24. New map of Faraid Head and Balnakeil node.

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