The belinus line UK - A Portrait by Gary Biltcliffe. Gary Biltcliffe has dowsed the Belinus Line from the Isle of Wight up to Lairg in Scotland

The belinus line UK - Gary Biltcliffe has written several books on earth energies, and is also availbale for talks on various subjects

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Reviews - Power of Centre
A new work by Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare is always an unexpected joy. Here, the Dorset-based duo carry forward some of the themes from their Spine of Albion saga - and wind in more than a few memes engendered by Hamish Miller - to produce a radically novel and quite compelling storyline.

The premise is that all places have a Centre. Some of these are essentially geopolitical but, as often as not, they are also the critical core location of a community. If you thought the Centre of the British Isles was ‘somewhere north of Oxford’, think again, and try the Cumbrian coast - or even the Isle of Man.

Among the Centres considered are those pivotal to every section and region of Greater Britain, and to the Celtic fringes in particular. Gary even manages to shoehorn in a few cameo trips - Sun and the Serpent style - down lesser-known pilgrim routes, such as the Saints Way in Cornwall and Manannan’s Belt on Mann.

There are subtle subtexts, too, to consider - such as the role of the divine feminine and the healing of the land by stone carrying. However, this is no work of whimsy. Hard-nosed history and gritty geography rub shoulders with the spiritual and the telluric - yet the disciplines retain their integrity, as do the authors.

As ever, Gary’s prose is relentless, mesmerising and, at times, almost addictive. He hardly wastes a sentence, let alone a paragraph, without relating some fascinating fact or curious concept. It’s a sure-fire sign of any good book that you are left wondering why you never noticed the content and the significance of the text for yourself. The Centre of your own personal domain is hidden in plain sight.

The Power of Centre will have you scratching around for OS maps you never knew you needed, and trawling the internet for places you’ve never heard of. Yet, for UK readers, we are never far from our own Centres - and even those from further afield are always close to a compassionate consideration of an inner sense of place. .

Nigel Twinn

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