The belinus line UK - A Portrait by Gary Biltcliffe. Gary Biltcliffe has dowsed the Belinus Line from the Isle of Wight up to Lairg in Scotland

The Belinus Line UK - Gary Biltcliffe has written several books on earth energies, and is also available for talks on various subjects

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The Cosmic Connection

The reason for the precise angle of the line is twofold. It may have been created solely as a geographically central line running from the Isle of Wight at the base of the country ( a place the Romans used to survey their invasion of Britain) to correspond with ancient routes and fording places, or alternatively it was laid down to mark a cosmic axis. Perhaps it is a combination of both, where heaven and earth entangle to create a great corridor of power around the planet. Looking north from many of the important Node points along the Belinus Line towards the point where it touches the horizon, you will notice certain features marking the setting and rising of the stars of the constellation of Cygnus.
The stars of Cygnus also fall within the ‘Great Rift’ or Dark Rift, a black river that divides the Milky Way along its length from Cygnus to Aquila and then broadening out to Sagittarius, where it obscures the Galactic Centre. This region of the night sky was considered important to many ancient cultures as a mythological place of heaven or spiritual rebirth.

Through our meticulous detective work, we have peeled back the many layers of Britain’s silent history, integrating folklore, legend, archaeology and geology to explain the true purpose of many of the places that mark the Belinus Line and its accompanying mysterious dragon force. This provided a greater insight as to why these sites were considered holy or special for thousands of years and why certain powerful and innovative individuals continued to be drawn to them. In addition, ground-breaking discoveries have uncovered a wealth of information that may prove that this corridor of power was considered by the ancients as a hidden cosmic axis of Britain aligned to the constellation of Cygnus symbolised as the swan. Certain legendary as well as real-life characters also feature prominently along this journey as influenced by this enigmatic north–south axis, which we have come to acknowledge as the ‘Spine of Albion’.

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